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What & Why?

Mockspresso2 acts like a smart, single-use DI graph for kotlin unit and integration tests where any missing dependencies can be mocked automatically. The goal is to reduce the friction, boilerplate, brittleness and barrier-to-entry when writing unit-tests, enabling engineers to focus on what matters.

 class CoffeeMakerHeaterTest {
+    val mxo = MockspressoBuilder().build()
-    val heater: Heater = mock()
+    val heater: Heater by mxo.mock()
-    // useless mocks that we only use to satisfy the constructor
-    val filter: Filter = mock()
-    val timer: Timer = mock()
-    val analytics: Analytics = mock()
-    val heaterProvider: Provider<Heater> = mock {
-         on { get() } doReturn heater
-    }
+    // let mockspresso construct the object-under-test lazily
+    val coffeeMaker: CoffeeMaker by mxo.realInstance()
-    lateinit var coffeeMaker: CoffeeMaker
-    @Before
-    fun setup() {
-      coffeeMaker = CoffeeMaker(heaterProvider, filter, timer, analytics)
-    }
     @Test fun testHeaterIsUser() {
         val coffee = coffeeMaker.brew()


A secondary goal is to act as a vehicle to share common test code and utilities. Because Mockspresso acts as in-place of a DI-graph, Mockspresso plugins are able to register/inject test objects or mocks into that graph (which will then be injected into a real object)…

class CoffeeMakerHeaterTest {
     val mxo = MockspressoBuilder()
+        .fakeCoffeeFilter()  // named extension methods on the Builder allows for simple sharing
+        .testDispatcher()    // of test code/resources/plugins via discoverable composition

Why v2

Mockspresso2 is a complete kotlin re-imagining of Mockspresso1 (which was originally 100% Java). The key differences include…

v1 v2
Java / JVM only Kotlin Mutli-Platform*
Requires JUnit4 Completely agnostic to test framework
Uses annotation processing on tests Uses kotlin delegated properties

*We’re currently only generating jvm modules but more platform support is coming soon.

See the Translation Guide for key syntax differences between Mockspresso 1 vs 2.

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Mockspresso is licensed under the MIT License