Java Libraries

mockspresso: Maven Central

An extensible auto-mocker for java & junit designed to simplify your unit tests. Mockspresso creates your objects for you, letting you drop the constructors from your tests, while still giving you complete control over how your objects are created and what dependencies are provided/injected.

chop: Maven Central

A simple an efficient logging library for Java and Android, inspired by JakeWharton’s Timber library.

typed! (for android): Maven Central

Bring sanity to android’s key-value stores by defining your keys with types and defaults, so your call-sites don’t have to.

Gradle Plugins

deployable: Maven Central

Easily deploy your JARs and AARs to maven-central. Allows you to specify your pom details as and enables support for maven’s provided scope and optional flag.

gdmc: Maven Central

A dependency manager for gradle that uses a json file to keep track of versions and aliases for your dependencies. Provides a number of tasks to resolve, import and upgrade dependencies so in most cases you never have to manually google a version ever again. Also can work along-side Spring’s dependency management plugin.

Groovy Libraries

nestable: Maven Central

Create nestable extensions for your gradle plugins that are assignable via both & gradle DSL.

groovykit: Maven Central

Some simple groovy utilities and extensions, mostly used for testing.


hackit-quickstart: GitHub Release

A gradle project generator written in go. Generates gradle projects that use episode6’s hackit open source tools, namely gdmc and deployable.